DFW Auction House
Closed: Estate Sale - Saturday November 18th, beginning at 7pm

Item Description
A.Thank you for your business.
1.Have an old washing machine? It may be time to get a new. Whirlpool washer, appx. 5 years old.
2.Maytag Performa electric dryer, appx 5 years old.
3.Beautiful engraved wood side table with 2 shelves. Contents sold separately.
4.Black metal coat rack.
5.This is the perfect plant, no need for water. Artificial plant in a pretty planter.
6.Gorgeous white and blue Asian urns.
7.Set of 2 off white ceramic basket and a mosaic vase.
8.An assortment of home décor items for your walls and table tops. Including a lace look ceramic Japanese plate.
9.Italian made ceramic leaf plate. See back of plate for details.
10.A variety of kitchen items. From a Presto deep fryer, a small crock perfect for dips during the holiday season, 2 Ninja blender containers…
11.Large 37" solid wood shelf.
12.What planets are visible to us now? Find out with the Meade Autostar telescope with computer control.
13.Motorsport helmet, XXL, model A-625. Raider.
14.Red and white striped motorsport helmet.
15.HJC motorsport helmet.
16.THH motorsport helmet.
17.Christmas décor includes many strands of lights. See all photos.
18.A variety of books.
19.Sets of weights - 2 - 20lbs, 2 - 3.3lbs, 2 - 10lbs and a DVD set.
20.2 volleyballs, fishing gear and more.
21.Small computer desk. 29" tall, 22" wide, 31.5" long.
22.Eureka vacuum.
23.Cabinet with two drawers. 46" tall, 29" long, 15.5" wide.
24.Four drawer filing cabinet.
25.Item Removed Est value $125
26.Colorful print with flowers, a house overlooking the water and mountains.
27.Trio of cottage scenes in 2 sizes.
28.Two adult costumes.
29.A lot to keep a child entertained for hours. From Spirograph, Bop It, books and more…
30.Board games including Trouble and Conga.
31.Assortment of games including Jenga and Life.
32.Screened reptile cage.
33.Large set of various glasses.
34.Lot of home décor items - two ceramics - a dog and cat, one numbered - a blue and brown rug, wooden rooster, frog shower curtain rings…
35.Music stand, 2 organizers, portable speaker, power strip and more..
36.Protege suitcase.
37.Casual and an evening handbag, briefcase and a hat.
38.Misc lot of electronics from cell phones to games.
39.CD's - Celine Dion, 98 degrees, Christina Aguilera
40.Set of 2 Southern houses prints.
41.Collect snow globes? Numerous small snow globes and an inspirational sign.
42.New Shoulder Pulley, weights and knee pads.
43.Portable stereo with CD and cassette functions.
44.Shoes - 2 pairs of dressy heels and a pair of tennis shoes.
45.Office necessities - take a look!
46.Set of weights in its own case, a pulley system. See all photos.
47.Over the door pull up bar and 2 20lb weights.
48.Whirlpool black refrigerator with water dispenser.
49.Dresser with mirror. 35" tall, 60" long, 18" wide. Mirror 39" tall.
50.Set of 2 nightstands. See all photos.
51.Chest of drawers to match the other pieces of furniture.
52.Treadmill with all the bells and whistles!
53.Need extra storage? This piece has 3 shelves and a drawer.
54.Wow! What a find! Mid century American of Martinsville, VA. Take a look at the details.
55.Neutral area rug - 72" x 48"
56.Entertainment and Office supplies - From a CD player, Gone with the Wind on VHS,
57.Four lamps from elegant to fun!
58.Office supplies - numerous bags - duffle to computer bag, lens cloths, a clip on fan and more…
59.A floating shelf 43.25" x 10.25", divided shelf 22" long.
60.DMC crochet thread, ribbon and paint.
61.Bread box, iced tea maker, foldable water bottle and 2 hot liquid containers.
62.A variety of kid's toys - a new train set, snowman hat, orange fuzzy pillow, a teddy bear…
63.Box #1 of clothes and accessories.
64.Board games and bingo dabbers.
65.Metal shelf, 58.5" tall, 24" long.
66.Poker chips and Battleship and more…
67.Box #2 Assortment of women's clothes.
68.Be prepared for the holiday parties. Set of 3 gorgeous holiday dresses.
69.Be the best dressed at the holiday parties. 3 holiday dresses.
70.Gorgeous holiday dress. Be the belle of the ball.
71.Variety of clothing from jeans to a winter coat.
72.Wardrobe with lots of storage space.
73.Vintage J. Thompson painting, 1970's. 53" x 40"
74.Box #3 of clothing.
75.Clothing, box #4
76.Lot of books. Including Tom Sawyer, Texas and College prep genius.
77.Computer monitor, stereo system and DVD player.
78.Foot bath, cane and more.
79.Variety of women's shoes.
80.Misc. assortment of trims and ribbons, money sorter, home décor…
81.Tripod stand work light. Needs new bulb.
82.New - Set of 2 shelves, bottle organizer.
83.Set of 5 coolers (one small Styrofoam not shown).
84.Bin full of useful chemicals.
85.Craftsman leaf blower/vac.
86.Ball hitch
87.2 ton cable puller.
88.Huge box of clothing. #5
89.Polaris ATV cover.
90.Office floor mat.
91.Shop vac.
92.Folding, Rolling crate by Rubbermaid.
93.Skilsaw power saw with case.
94.Black & Decker and Kraft Tech. Two sanders with extra power cord.
95.Inflatable bath mat.
96.16" scroll saw.
97.Ryobi 4" angle grinder.
98.Craftsman Sabre saw.
99.Ryobi Drill and flashlight set.
100.Misc. items - gas tank (for ATV?), caster wheel, tiles.
101.Metal shelf with contents.
102.Koolatron electric cooler.
103.Bin of tools and repair kits.
104.Two pairs of heeled shoes, gently worn.
105.R/C glider, 2 basketballs.
106.Gun lock, Fishing equipment and bb's.
107.Lot of plastic plates and baskets, grilling pan, plastic table cloths and more. Take a look at all photos.
108.Misc. cleaning tools, a small fan and camcorder.
109.Stationary, ribbon, office supplies and more.
110.Four shelf bookshelf. 5' tall.
111.Box of tan tablecloths 51.75" x 51.75" plus a maroon standard table cloth.
112.Seaside painting 27" x 23", black frame 19x23"
113.Cottage scene print. 28x24"
114.Houses on the water print. 38x31".
115.Time to plant the daffodils! Bulbs plus garden tools and a tree bag.
116.Portable foldable table perfect for camping.
117.Two small tables, perfect for the little ones. Appx a foot tall.
118.Fluorescent light fixture.
119.Skewers, portable fan, cooking equipment… for camping.
120.Reptile accessories.
121.Pet accessories.
122.Box of Sheets, mattress covers. See all photos.
123.Kid dress up time - capes.
124.Box of clothing and accessories.
125.Christmas décor with various lights.
126.Outdoor fun, badminton and horseshoes.
127.Box of cords.
128.Large bin of fabric, cottons and flannel. Plus batting and polyfil.
129.Mid Century side table. Remember this style?
130.Computer, keyboard and printer.
131.HP printer deskjet.
132.New in package - Two fishing reels.
133.Two plants in hanging planters.
134.New Jones New York soft rose blazer.
135.One outdoor chair and a comfy lounger.
136.Weber charcoal grill. One wheel missing.
137.Gas grill with side burner.
138.Craftsman lawnmower.
139.2 trellis, hose with sprinkler and a hose reel.
140.Black and Decker edger.
141.Troy Bilt trimmer.
142.Time to trim those bushes!
143.Have a wood burning fireplace? This axe will come in handy.
144.Rake and shovel.
145.Outdoor tools - rake, shovel and scraper.
146.Long handled tool organizer.
147.Boy's bike - Redline.
148.Three garden tools.
149.Pitchfork and pole digger.
150.Extension cord pole and a paint roller pole.
151.Two drawer filing cabinet.
152.What perfect timing! A turkey fryer for Thanksgiving!
153.Weights and weight bar.
154.Inversion table.
155.Shelf with contents - new part for Polaris 330 4 wheeler, automatic battery float charger, peg hooks…
156.Delta 10" compound power miter saw.
157.Garden tools and a stack of pots.
158.Two sleeping bags.
159.Variety of tools and grilling tools.
160.Large wood crate. Contents not included.
161.Automatic battery float charger, air compressor and more.
162.35" tall shelf.
163.8' tall shelf, 33" wide, 12" deep.
164.Wire rack, 55" x 35" x 14"
165.Combination ladder, see label for all dimensions.
166.Haier air conditioner. Cool one room at a time.
167.Crate of ceramic tiles and a how to book.
168.Tool box with 2 drawers.
170.Set of 3 spray bottles.
171.A level, square and small drawers some with screws.
172.Small 2 shelf lockable cabinet.
173.Large metal shelf. Bring tools to take apart. 76" tall x 71" x 24"
174.Set of 2 crutches.
175.Set of 3 plastic bins.
176.2 garbage cans (without contents) and a plastic table.
177.DIY vanity.
178.Plush neutral colored chair and pillows.
179.Plastic tubs.
180.Plastic tubs.
181.Soccer shoes size 7.5, and 2 weights.
182.Metal lot - cast iron man on bench.