DFW Auction House
NOW OPEN: AMAZING SALE BRONZES AND COLLECTIBLES AND MORE - 6-10-2018 Begins to close at 6PM Sunday June 10

Item Description
1.Stihl chainsaw, only one month old. Cut your own logs for your fireplace and save money. Works perfectly. Need wood? Look for already cut logs later in this auction.
2.Set of two plastic shelving perfect for organizing your garage.
3.Keep your bushes trimmed perfectly with this Black and Decker trimmer.
4.Dewalt hand saw.
5.Easily break up your garden beds with this garden hoe.
6.Small trimming jobs require this hedge clippers.
7.Move those pesky leaves with this Troy Bilt blower.
8.A large push broom is a requirement for a clean garage and sidewalks.
9.Various sized extension cords to meet all your needs.
10.Breaking up soil is an easy task with this tool, just twist.
11.A heavy duty rake moves your leaves in no time.
12.Yes it does snow here, be prepared with this wide snow shovel.
13.It's a good idea to have an extra set of jumper cables.
14.A long garden hose with nozzle.
15.A well edged sidewalk beautifies a home. This Black and Decker edger will help make the job easier.
16.A spreader is a must have for fertilizing your yard.
17.Another set of jumper cables.
18.A garden shovel for all your yard work needs.
19.Garden spade.
20.Use this tool to create a solid surface for new patios and sidewalks.
21.Laptop bag with many pockets.
22.Protect your account numbers with this paper shredder.
23.Hate bugs? Zap them with a bug zapper.
24.Cold Room? Use this space heater to heat only where you need it.
25.Helium tank to blow up your next party's balloons.
26.A push broom, a garage necessity.
27.Kitchen broom and Swiffer.
28.Wooden wine rack to keep your bottles organized.
29.Britax car seat, a good quality seat to protect your little ones.
30.Graco booster seat for older kids.
31.5 star Clek car seat. Looking for the best car seat on the market? This seat retails for $360. It's very heavy.
32.Children's life vest, 30 - 50 lbs.
33.Boating? Child's life jacket 50-80 lbs.
34.Never run out of gas by having these 2 gas cans handy.
35.CAT Hard hat.
36.Pink electric Razor scooter, E100 model.
37.Cinderella scooter for young children.
38.Pink Huffy 12" bike with training wheels, barely used.
39.BEAR Pink training bow. Your first step to becoming an archer.
40.Bow by BEAR, purple, for the more advanced. You're on your way to being a great archer…
41.Brown Guitar Hero guitar.
42.Blue (one of 2) Guitar Hero guitar.
43.Guitar for Guitar Hero, blue (two of 2)
44.Guitar Hero guitar, black.
45.Razor scooter for great exercise and balance.
46.Seahawks camp chair, like new.
47.Little Tikes shopping cart.
48.Play time! 8 balls to play various sports - football, soccer, playground balls…
49.Plastic swimming pool great to cool off little ones or your pets during the hot summers.
50.Think snow! Saucer sled.
51.Find a hill and grab your sled after the next ice and snow storms.
52.Enjoy the beautiful weather with a cook out using this Weber grill.
53.Kids love to have furniture that is kid sized. This comfy chair is perfect for them.
54.How fun, a tunnel and hide out for young children!
55.Two deep buckets to store balls, use as a cooler, etc.
56.Five bags of Type S Lime.
57.Aluminum ladder to help you reach those tall places. Bottom wrung on one side broken, see photo.
58.Two aluminum chairs with modern floral chair cushions.
59.Extra seating is always possible when you have a fold up camp chair handy.
60.24" girl's mountain bike, in perfect condition, only used a few times.
61.Raking leaves and the leaves keep getting stuck in the rake? Here's your solution, a clog free rake.
62.This medium sized cooler is the perfect size for a picnic. (red)
63.Metal wastebasket in a brown/bronze color will match any décor.
64.Need a comfortable office chair? This well padded chair is your solution. The arms need a little TLC but overall in great shape.
65.A deep cooler (blue) will hold plenty of drinks on those hot days and comes in handy watching sporting events.
66.Girl's 18" bike, like new condition, barely used. With great weather always around the corner, biking is a year round activity.
67.Need somewhere to place your drink outdoors? Having this metal table on hand will keep your drink off the ground.
68.Four tiered shelving unit is the best organizing tool for keeping your garage well organized.
69.Update your bathroom with this 4 light fixture.
70.Be ready for the holidays with this Christmas tree stand.
71.Becoming an archer? Practice with this portable target that features a different type of target on each side.
72.Keep your little ones busy with this chalkboard and wipeboard.
73.Arrows for various ages of archers.
74.Updating your doors is easy with this doorknob set.
75.Set of two gold doorknobs.
76.Two towelbars in silver. Can be spray painted to hide the rust spot.
77.One gold doorknob replacement.
78.Quickly change the look of your rooms with this set of 4 gold doorknobs.
79.Set of 5 gold doorknobs.
80.Picture taking is easy with this camera holder.
81.Ryobi drill bit set. Always be prepared with this large set of bits.
82.Mechanics tool set, nearly 55 pieces.
83.Laser pointer to ensure accuracy.
84.Taping boxes is a breeze with this tape dispenser.
85.Ground and Outlet tester.
86.Stud finder to make sure your pictures are securely in place.
87.Black and Decker laser level.
88.Two measuring tapes.
89.Two guages to measure PSI.
90.Target points with multi colored target.
91.Ryobi set - Infared Thermometer, Moisture Meter, Laser Distance Measurer and Phone Works.
92.Set of 4 metal signs - 3 Ford signs and one Service sign.
93.Cleaning up is a snap with this shop vac.
94.Humorous Colt metal sign.
95.Organize your papers with this file box. Front clip is missing.
96.Skil Corless drill in case.
97.Husky mechanic's tool set with an assortment of nails and screws.
98.Paslode box of Subfloor fasteners.
99.Blue cooler on wheels with convenient handle.
100.Heavy chain, appx. 4' worth with heavy duty bolts.
101.Ryobi flexible shaft bit extension for those hard to reach areas.
102.Be prepared to cut any type of wood with this set of 2 handsaws and an axe.
103.Garden necessities - various clippers and a watering can.
104.Organize your tools with these two empty tool boxes and a tackle box with some gear.
105.Two Stihl chainsaw chains and two gallons of oil.
106.A large assortment of car cleaners for detailing, around the house cleaners and insect sprays.
107.Ball mount for your vehicle to pull trailers.
108.Bicycle tire pump is a must have for those that like to bike.
109.A huge starter log lot for those cold nights.
111.Fire Wood sold in lots of approximately 50 various sized pieces.
112.Bring ambiance to your yard with this set of 4 tiki torches.
113.Be ready for Christmas with this large assortment of indoor/outdoor décor.
114.Grill cleaning is a breeze with these aluminum grill liners.
115.Christmas themed hardcover children's books and a cute house with doors to countdown the days to Christmas.
116.An adorable collection of Christmas décor.
117.Christmas décor featuring table runners, placemats and a cute Santa towel.
118.More Christmas décor to complete your collection including pillows.
119.Halloween décor is not complete without a cool fog machine!
120.Set of 2 Halloween tombstones. These are heavier than the normal Halloween décor.
121.Four larger picture frames.
122.Medium sized picture frames, 10 in all.
123.9 picture frames in assorted sizes.
124.This outdoor gnome will greet your neighbors.
125.A foldable wooden table tucks away when not in use.
126.Three outdoor signs to greet your neighbors.
127.A blue hose with two sprinkler heads to help keep your yard looking beautiful.
128.Seven solar lights helps light sidewalks for your visitors.
129.Set of two outdoor cushions to make your furniture more comfortable.
130.A tool belt with two air gun holders, a pair of heavy duty gloves and more.
131.Various tools for repairing drywall, etc. Putty knives, spackling tools, etc.
132.Here are the necessities - 3 hammers and a pry bar.
133.Foundation hangars. Four 7/8", 2 small HTT5
134.Various tool necessities - a square, levels, clamps and more.
135.Galvenized steel plywood clips, new box, appx. 250, 15/32". Two boxes available.
136.Roofing clips, new box. Three boxes available.
137.Window tape and two sets of wire.
138.Three plant hangars and one flag hangar.
139.Drill bits in various sizes.
140.Six screwdrivers and one chisel.
141.Eight screwdrivers, there's one for every job.
142.Wrenches and cutters - set of 4.
143.Electric sander makes the job a lot easier.
144.Metal edging to keep your outdoor beds neat.
145.Narrow plastic shelving perfect for those small areas.
146.An assortment of small wrenches, socket wrench, screws, etc.
147.Simpson Frame Hangars - 2x8/10 "210", 2 - 2x8/10 "2-210".
148.Post bases for slab foundation.
149.An assortment of mixers to make the perfect drink.
150.You will be ready for that party with this plastic plate, cup and napkin set.
151.Pistol case.
152.Keep your car dust free with this specially designed car duster from California.
153.City water cover tool, bungee cords and a shower curtain rod.
154.Light fixture.
155.Home décor for your tabletop.
156.Band sheet music.
157.US Army issued rugged backpack.
158.Patriotic sign sure rings true….
159.Burlap sack for home décor or to store items.
160.This bench will surprise you with how many items you can store in it. Take a look at the photos…
161.Set of 3 wooden signs.
162.Adorable media cabinet in a color that could match anyone's décor.
163.Train table for your little one's imaginiation. Need the trains? They are listed later.
164.Large clock décor will fill that large wall perfectly.
165.Four signs expressing love.
166.Three child related wall décor.
167.Girl home décor, set of 2.
168.Bible quoted signs and crosses, home décor.
169.Texas and country related signs.
170.Four home décor signs for every room.
171.Child related wall décor.
172.A sweet little rocking chair for the toddler in your life.
173.Ford related metal signs for the man cave.
174.Seahawk collectables still in the box.
175.NFL collections unopened.
176.A large assortment of Seattle Seahawks fanfare.
177.Ipod dock with speakers.
178.Spruce up your furniture with this scripture quote pillow. Like new.
179.Lamp with wood base and burlap look shade.
180.Wooden drawer will keep your items tucked away and organized and looks like home décor when sitting out.
181.Hand painted country church will match any décor.
182.Wooden Pepsi crate. They don't make things like this anymore.
183.Antique glass jar and three metal containers will fill any small space.
184.Modern black desk with two shelves.
185.This wood stool works perfectly with the black desk.
186.Tall mirror works well propped up against a wall.
187.Decorative jars, set of 7. Clear glass fits into any home décor theme.
188.Architectual design books and a new auto CAD book.
189.Building construction books.
190.Fiction and non fiction book collection.
191.Antique brush, mirror and nail buffing set in near perfect condition.
192.Coach wallet and checkbook cover in good condition.
193.Drink mixers to make your favorite cocktail.
194.Six bottles of wine and a collector Dr. Pepper bottle.
195.Hand made doll cradle with antique doll.
196.Wood buffet with three drawers and doors. Cherry wood finish in very good condition, see photos for a few knicks. This perfectly sized buffet fits into any house or apartment.
197.Setting up a new office or off to college? This office starter supply set is just what you need.
198.Two beautiful large picture frames.
199.A collection of antique books from 1891-1940. Creates a beautiful display on a bookshelf.
200.Candle holders and candle set. Add instant warmth to a room with candlight.
201.New Breyer country stable, truck and trailer and accessories.
202.New toys - crystal making kit, mancala game, a plastic slinky, a book on various activities, ping pong balls and an ant farm.
203.General gift giving set - new Playdoh, books, a ball pump, teddy bear, Hot Wheels cars.
204.A collection of small toys great to be used for prizes or party favors.
205.Various activity books for girls and more..., all new,
206.New gift giving ideas - a baby doll, books, jump ropes and more…
207.No home is complete without a metal Texas star wall hanging.
208.Every day Mikasa dishes in white with gray design. 8 dinner plates, 6 salad plates and 6 bowls.
209.Plate starter set. 4 white plates, 5 plastic green plates and 1 white salad plate.
210.Serving and storing set - two Tupperware containers, two bamboo serving bowls, plastic baskets and more…
211.Kitchen starter set.
212.Set of 5 serving platters and bowls.
213.Baking starter set.
214.Easily open your bottles of wine with this Wine bottle opener.
215.Beautiful blue glass bowl with lid and metal matches holder.
216.Glass starter set with a Pyrex measuring cup.
217.Keurig K cup drawer and drawer and shelf liners.
218.Cups and commuter mug starter set.
219.Office supplies - large and small wipe board, metal drawer organizer, 2017 desk calendar and more...
220.As seen on TV - instant door screen is handy to keep those flies out of your house. New!
221.Set of two art kits. Everything your budding artist could possibly need.
222.This wood shelf works well in kitchens for extra storage, in game rooms to display games or anywhere you need a storage solution.
223.Hand made quality solid wood island, counter height (stool not included). This beautifully designed table has many shelves for your storage solutions.
224.Antique wood side table.
225.American girl doll with acessories, camping tent, activities and chair.
226.Activity cube for toddlers to keep them busy and for learning.
227.Little People ride on toy with music.
228.Large doll house, every little girl's dream. Many pieces of furniture included. This is hours of entertainment.
229.Barn and stable with fencing and some accessories. Imaginative play at its best.
230.School house storage box with stable. Numerous animals and people included.
231.Littlest pet shop and Little People imaginative play sets.
232.The Original Wheely Bug ride on toy for toddlers.
233.Monster High dolls, set of 9!
234.Fisher Price piano and new baby doll in cradle.
235.Doll assortment with Barbie suitcase.
236.Original Cabbage Patch Doll.
237.Lot of various toys, most new, includes some dress up and beginner bats.
238.Toddler toy set - pull toy, push toy, size recognition rings and pots and pans.
239.Large stuffed animal with smaller plush.
240.Building sets - Wooden blocks and Lincoln logs.
241.Barbie camper, she sure knows how to travel in style!
242.Wooden trains and track. The play table is also listed.
243.Large Fom bean bag pillow with stuffed animals, many new Hello Kittys with tags.
244.Berenstain Book collection. 1 of 3
245.Berenstain Book collection. 2 of 3
246.Berenstain Book collection. 3 of 3
247.Bible based children's books.
248.Chapter books featuring Junnie B. Jones
249.Puppy Place books and more chapter books.
250.Chapter books.
251.Books for girls, younger reader.
252.Story books.
253.Dr. Seuss book collection.
254.A variety of story books.
255.Story books for toddlers and preschoolers.
256.Story books for preschoolers.
257.Phonics and story books.
258.A table and two solid wood children's chairs. Kids love to have furniture in their size.
259.Brother sewing machine.
260.Patterns, mainly girl's dresses.
261.Sewing supplies tucked neatly into a sewing box.
262.Sewing accessories - zippers, appliques, fabric and binding.
263.Dell docking station.
264.Three drawer cart, wheels inside, like new.
265.Bose headphones.
266.Real pearl necklace.
267.Men's leather belt with long horn buckle.
268.Blue beretta gun case with headphones, goggles, speed loader and more…
269.Iraq sticker - sticker provided from nonprofit organization to returning soldiers after the 2003 conflict in Iraq Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards - an unopen package provided to all soldiers involved with Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Operation Southern Watch sleeve regalia - The arm band was a uniform requirement when not on the battlefield as a NATO requirement for identifying soldiers and the countries they represent Leaflets - because the middle east is largely desert land throughout the region, and because of third world living situations, individuals were not communicated with using standard communication methods that we might utilize here in United States. To quickly and nouns and pending attacks or offers of assistance for refugees fleeing the country, C-130 aircraft would drop leaflets all across the country of Iraq and bordering countries to fact we communicate where they need to go or what radio stations they should listen to for more information. Most individuals in that part of the world do not have phones or televisions however radio communication is quite common. You will see detailed on either side of the leaflets different radio stations that they can turn into or if there was an impending invasion or bomb attack, the United States took great effort to notify innocent civilians to Leave the area prior to. It was commonly reiterated that this was not an invasion by the United States, it was simply a humanitarian mission meant to help the people who were unable to help themselves under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein. "
270."American flag Sidenote, I do have a certificate of authenticity indicating what I detail about this flag however I'm still in the process of looking for it In March 2003, the United States invaded Iraq in an attempt to offer humanitarian assistance to the individuals who were under the misguided leadership of dictator Saddam Hussein. Initially, soldiers commonly flew their flags outside of their tents and at their posted locations, however, within a short period of time we were notified that the flags must come down because we were not invading the country and it was not American territory. American leaders took great consideration in not alarming the people of Iraq with misconceptions in relation to the context of our mission there. However, because this was clearly a huge kick in the gut to troop morale, the Wing Commander authorized the flying of American flags only on July 4 of 2003. Individuals brought their flags to the command post and for periods of just a few minutes each flag was flown. This flag was flown over Baghdad international airport on July 4, 2003. The airport was previously named Saddam Hussein international airport."
271."Miscellaneous hardware from England In February 2003 we were notified that we had less than 40 hours to ship off. None of us knew where we were going. We flew for nearly 24 hours straight on AC 141, only stopping once in North Canada for refuel in the middle of a blizzard. We ultimately landed in Southern England, on a contingency base named RAF Fairford. Details were still relatively fuzzy at that time but we knew that talks relating to nuclear weapons with leaders throughout the Middle East we're not going well. Essentially, we set in the south of England for about a month waiting for notification of invasion or not. We were stationed with about a dozen B-52s from Minot Air Force Base North Dakota. The people of England are not incredibly fond of the United States and their decision to enter into conflict with Iraq. They were even more upset that the government of England had agreed to cooperate with their NATO partnership with the United States, along with numerous other countries, including Australia. We manned each aircraft with four individuals around the clock. All aircraft were readily arms and ready to go at a moments notice. Throughout our months stay, we became quite familiar with the small villages surrounding the contingency base. And of course we had plenty of time to befriend and further understand the operations of the Royal Air Force and Royal Armies. As it has been customary throughout the centuries, when soldiers of different countries come together for the same purpose, they often trade uniform patches or other insignia. All of the insignia here either came from the Royal Air Force soldiers that I worked alongside or the nations police force. Additionally, there are multiple red tags. These tags are bomb pins. Bomb pins are inserted in the firing pin of a bomb to prevent accidental detonation. Anytime aircraft are on the ground the pens are reinserted. Every time an aircraft would take off for a mission that pins were removed. As soon as the war kicked off, the B-52s took off and ultimately responsible for uprooting and allowing ground forces to invade and overtake the country's capital, Baghdad, Iraq. For approximately three weeks, the aircraft came and went nonstop continually providing air support to ground troops. Every time they came in they required additional bombs and the pins that were pulled were left on the ground. We would pick them up and these were ultimately the pins that were pulled for bombs that were dropped over Iraq during operation Iraq he freedom in 2003. As you can tell, some of the pens are significantly older, as the United States had not found itself in conflict since essentially Vietnam with a minor conflict in the early 90s with Iraq. Relating to the invasion of Kuwait. However because of these to the Cantley large area of land required to overtake Saddam, a large quantity of bombs were utilized and needed and these were the pins that out and we came up with. Watch me through weeks after the start of the work, state declared cease-fire and the B-52s return to North Dakota where as approximately half the troops awaiting with myself in England or for deployed to Baghdad Iraq for additional support in strengthening the newly founded government."
272.Haier deep freezer, works! Stock up on those sales!
273.Storage bins to keep the toys organized.
274.New foam alphabet.
275.Four piece entertainment set. Two bookshelves, a tv stand and coffee table create a beautiful whole room ensemble.
276.Dresser - wood, 6 drawer, missing one knob.
277.King size mattress, Serta iComfort and box spring. You will notice stains, that is from hair dye.
279.Solid wood piano bench.
280.Twin head and footboard.
281.Dresser - dark wood, 6 drawer.
282.Modern nightstand with metal accents in beautiful condition.
283.Narrow nightstand in a dark finish.
284.Dresser in a dark finish in good condition.
285.Steel bar, appx. 6 feet long.